B2B lead generation is Not a piece of cake — Here’s How to Speed Up Your B2B Lead generation Process

LinkedIn Automation tool

“B2B lead generation is a piece of cake.”

Have you ever heard anyone saying that? Probably not!

That’s because B2B lead generation is a complex platform that involves a number of strategies, tools, and techniques. Currently, the concern of B2B marketers is to maintain a consistent stream of leads that they can convert into sales.

Today, most marketers and B2B businesses are using LinkedIn for lead generation. Let’s move towards how marketers can scale their B2B lead generation process on LinkedIn.

Here are some steps involved in B2B lead generation process:

1. Finding the right B2B Leads

This is, undoubtedly, the first and foremost step.

Reaching out to the right prospects is the first thing you need to do. There’s no point of connecting with random prospects who will be of no benefit to your business in the future.

However, among millions of users, how to find your potential leads on LinkedIn? This is where the latest LinkedIn automation tool jumps in!

Advanced LinkedIn automation tools come with the latest filters to help you find even the most difficult leads in a short time.

Sure, you can do it manually. But remember, a single keyword search will give your thousands of results. You have spent days or even weeks visiting them one by one.

2. Reaching Out to Your Leads

Once you have extracted out the best leads using the top LinkedIn automation tools, the next step is to reach out and engage with them properly.

You can use the best LinkedIn automation tools to run outreach campaigns to increase your engagement. The tools will visit profiles that will make the prospects visit back your profiles, thus maximizing your engagement.

3. Segregating Your Leads

After your first interaction with the leads, you’ll need to measure who is more interested in your business and likely to convert to your customer.

For this purpose, you need to gauge the stage leads are at during the buying process. These stages include:

Once you have successfully interacted with your leads, you need to decide who is the most important and the lead important leads.

Remember: Not all the leads are the same and not all of them require the same efforts. Some leads can convert easily and for others you need to go an extra mile.
You can either do it manually or there are advanced LinkedIn automation tools that can segregate leads automatically.

Here are some steps involved in segregating the leads effectively:

A. Awareness

Your prospect is aware of the problem they are facing and they want to read something relevant. You can craft messages based on their interests.
You can even use advanced LinkedIn automation tools that enable you to send personalized images and GIFs that make the prospects feel special. Such efforts are more likely to get you good outcomes.

B. Consideration

Don’t use LinkedIn automation tools to throw sales pitches in every lead’s inbox. Go slowly! Learn about their needs and considerations and then talk about the solutions they are looking for.

C. Decision
Once you have collected useful data using the best LinkedIn automation tools, you can pass it on to the sales teams. The sales team will use this data to nurture the leads and move them towards making a decision.

4. Sending Personalized Content

When you craft and send personalized content, you’re more likely to generate leads.

Here is how it works: Your prospects have become very smart and they know when you send a templated or salesy message.

They want something specially crafted based on their interests. When you give them what they want, they are more likely to convert into leads.

To craft personalized messages, you need customer data and you can use advanced LinkedIn automation tools to collect the data.


B2B lead generation is not a piece of cake but it’s not impossible. Every success story starts with the right strategy and you have to do the same. Analyse your business model, make a proper strategy, use the right LinkedIn automation tools, take personalization seriously and you will definitely get significant outcomes.

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