How Safe LinkedIn Automation Tools Are in 2021? Important Insights

For any B2B marketer or other businesses that prefer LinkedIn for B2B leads, LinkedIn automation is too good to be true. Instead of doing unproductive tasks; searching prospects manually, sending connect requests, messages, checking up inboxes, and sending follow-ups all the time, you can simply use an advanced LinkedIn automation tool.

All you need is a safe LinkedIn automation tool, set it up, and put your whole LinkedIn lead generation process on autopilot.

Why LinkedIn Automation Tools Are Trending

These tools are great when it comes to scaling your lead generation efforts and help you save time to focus on tasks that truly matter. Not to mention the fierce competition, these tools will take you light years ahead of your competition. All of these benefits make automation a must-have.

However, some users believe that LinkedIn automation is spammy and can get their accounts blocked. And it is true to some extent because there are some LinkedIn automation tools that got users’ accounts blocked in the past.

Second, it all depends on the approach you use while using LinkedIn automation tools. If you understand how to use these tools safely, you’ll be able to get the advantage of them without getting banned.

What triggers a LinkedIn account ban?

Before we dig into using advanced LinkedIn automation tools, it’s important to understand what activities can trigger LinkedIn to ban your account?

1. Using multiple LinkedIn tools at the same time

You can easily escape the LinkedIn radar if you are using a single advanced LinkedIn automation tool.

But using a number of tools simultaneously can get you in trouble. Using multiple tools will definitely get your account blocked.

Instead of using multiple LinkedIn automation tools to automate different tasks, it’s better to choose a single tool that comes with all the features together. Research different tools in the market and stick to the one that fulfills all your automation needs.

2. Using Low-quality LinkedIn Tools

There are hundreds of LinkedIn automation tools in the market but not all of them are safe.

Tools, especially which are chrome extensions, are dangerous and they pose a very high risk to get your account restricted or blocked.

While a cloud based LinkedIn automation tool is a great workaround to save you from an account ban. These tools run from the cloud and provide dedicated IPs. They’re very safe to use and very difficult to get detected by LinkedIn.

3. Sending Connect Requests Blindly

Lead generation on LinkedIn is not a number game. It’s all about creating a network of relevant prospects and generating qualified leads.

However, many users send connect requests blindly without filtering the audience. They use the latest LinkedIn automation tools to send connect requests to random prospects blindly. This in turn gives zero or a very low acceptance rate and

4. Sending Templates Messages

Creating spam on LinkedIn can easily get your account blocked. This happens when people don’t define and refine their audience.

Many users get their accounts blocked because they use the best LinkedIn automation tools to spam prospects. They send templated and sales-y messages to thousands of prospects. Prospects flag their messages as spam and LinkedIn takes action against you.

The best way to generate leads using LinkedIn automation tools is to run highly personalized campaigns as many advanced tools come with the personalization features.


No doubt that advanced LinkedIn automation tools come with some risks, but their advantages are too good to ignore. And when you use these tools with a well-thought strategy, the benefits are countless.

In addition to helping sales and marketing teams to streamline their lead generation processes, the best LinkedIn automation tools are more popular than ever.

Your competitors are already using these tools and ignoring them will put you at a competitive disadvantage.



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