How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Automated LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn Automation

B2B marketers and businesses are adding hyper-personalization to their LinkedIn automation campaigns to get maximum acceptance and response rate. And the truth is that this is turning out to be a great strategy.

Why Personalization is Gaining Popularity?

There was a time when a marketer could impress their prospects with cold calls or cold emails. Today, prospects have unlimited options, and they no more get lured by the same old and boring messages.

They want a message that has been specifically crafted for them. That’s why B2B marketers and businesses are tending to include LinkedIn automation tools into their marketing strategy to collect data about the customers’ problems, pain points, and interests.

When they have such details in hand, they can run effective personalized campaigns.

What Exactly is Hyper-Personalization?

In simple words, hyper-personalization is the use of customer data to make sure your campaigns are more targeted and generate more meaningful interactions.

LinkedIn automation started with generic and impersonalized campaigns, but they are no more effective.

Today, businesses are looking for the best LinkedIn automation tools that help them run dynamic campaigns to achieve better results.

Want to how?

Let’s start.

1. By defining your target audience

The first and foremost step of a personalized outreach campaign is defining the target audience.

How can you run a successful LinkedIn automation campaign when you are making efforts for the wrong prospects.

No doubt that LinkedIn gives you a very convenient option to filter out your audience but you can find highly targeted leads using the advanced filters of the top LinkedIn automation tools.

These tools find even the most difficult leads.

2. CSV Feature For Personalization

With the help of advanced LinkedIn automation tools, you cannot only distract data but extract it into a CSV file.

You can use the CSV file to choose among the various variables and personalize your outreach campaign.

BY using this feature, you can change variables in your messages including name, current company, location, Jo position, industry type, college name, etc.

There are many advanced LinkedIn automation tools that collect and extract data about the leads such as their interests and use them as custom variables when running a personalized campaign.

3. New Customized Image Feature

With each passing day, LinkedIn automation tools are becoming more advanced and they are introducing new features to make your campaigns even more personalized to generate more meaningful results.

LinkedIn automation tools such as LinkedCamp have a personalization feature that not only sends a personalized text but also sends customized images using a prospect’s profile. This makes your LinkedIn outreach even more personalized.

B2B marketers who use such LinkedIn automation tools to run personalized campaigns have acknowledged that there was a significant improvement in their acceptance and response rate and they booked 5x more demo calls.

4. Making Your campaigns spam free

The first rule of LinkedIn marketing: Don’t spam.

If you think your templated messages would benefit you, you’re living in old times.

When prospects receive templated messages, they not only reject them but also flag them as spam.

If spams are too many, LinkedIn can restrict or ban your account and you might lose your well-established account due to spamming.


If done right, personalized LinkedIn outreach is a win-win scenario.

If your current LinkedIn automation campaign is not personalization, there’s no shame in admitting that.

Make a proper strategy, use the best LinkedIn automation tools to define your target audience, and use personalization features to improve your reply rate.

Once you’re able to improve your response rate, there is a great chance of building strong relationships with ideal prospects, and eventually, you’ll convert them.

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