How to Automate Your LinkedIn Messages: Important things You Need to Know

LinkedIn automation tool

More than 60% of the B2B marketers and businesses are using LinkedIn automation for outreach and lead generation. And why shouldn’t they? It’s really helping them to streamline their workflows, generate more business opportunities and save them days of work, if not months.

With the best LinkedIn automation tools, they cannot only find their ideal prospects or connect with them, but also send bulk messages to prospects to skyrocket their social selling on LinkedIn. Imagine how much time it would take if you had to send messages to each prospect one by one?

How to send automated messages that bring results?

There are a lot of people who spam prospects with their templated and sales-y messages. But don’t worry! In this blog we will guide you how to make the perfect LinkedIn automated message templates that are personalized, relevant and attractive. These messages will get you beyond the LinkedIn detection.

Best Practices to Write the Perfect LinkedIn Automated Message

Yes! If you really want to stand out from the rest and want your prospects to respond to your message, you really need to start with personalization.

Many B2B marketers and businesses skip this step and consider it unnecessary. Well, these are the same people that wonder why people don’t respond to them. When doing it on a mass level you can use the best LinkedIn automation tools to send bulk personalized messages.

What these tools do is that they add different personalization tags into the message:





Dynamic Placeholder

When you add these tags in your messages, the person already feels like they have been addressed directly and this really leaves a good impression.

To go one step ahead, you can also use the latest LinkedIn automation tools that can scrape out details of the prospects and gather data about their interests. Once done, you can craft messages that include details about your ideal prospects.

There are also some advanced LinkedIn automation tools that have features to add a customized image or GIF along with the text. This can boost your acceptance and response rate quickly.

Target Only the Right Prospects

This is something you need to do even before starting a campaign. You need to find your target audience first, so your messages reach the right person.

If you put a lot of effort in writing a personalized message, but it hits the wrong audience, it won’t bring you any outcomes.
Moreover, if you keep targeting the wrong people, they might flag your account as spam and LinkedIn might take action against you.
Thus, if you really want that your messages result in higher response rate, make sure you have defined your audience first, so they hit the right audience.

There are two ways you can find the right audience for you:

1. Use a LinkedIn automation tool with advanced filters

There are a number of LinkedIn automation tools that come with advanced filters that help you land on the right profiles. With these tools, you can search your ideal prospects by name, location, job title, Industry type, location and other filters. You can even combine them with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to get the best outcomes.

2. Content retargeting

There are many advanced LinkedIn automation tools that enable users to retarget a post and scrape out profiles who have liked or commented on that post. This way, you can simply target a post that is relevant to you and find the right audience.

Sending hundreds of messages to prospects manually takes up a lot of time. Use the best LinkedIn automation tools that can send automated messages in bulk and get your 70% response rate

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