I Used a LinkedIn Automation Tool and My Account Was Blocked: Here is What You Need to Learn

Are you thinking of using a LinkedIn automation tool to leverage the potential of LinkedIn but you’re afraid that LinkedIn might block your account?

Well, you have every right to be afraid because many users have already lost their accounts.

I am a growth hacker and I started using a chrome-based LinkedIn automation tool and soon my account was deleted by LinkedIn. Losing a well-established LinkedIn account is such a big loss, especially for growth hackers and marketers.

Using LinkedIn Automation Is Against the LinkedIn Rules…

LinkedIn has clearly mentioned in its terms and services that the use of any automation tools or bots is prohibited. The platform doesn’t want its users to use any tools to scrape data from LinkedIn. Though many users have raised questions against it because they believe LinkedIn is not letting others take full advantage of the platform.

However, LinkedIn claims that users are trying to steal data and create massive spam on the platform. Just like any other platform, LinkedIn wants to keep the platform transparent and free of spam.

Does LinkedIn Automation Really Cause Spam?

Keeping in view my previous experience, I’d say LinkedIn automation is spammy and LinkedIn takes strict actions against spammers which is why I got my account deleted.

LinkedIn has a very strict policy against spammers, and it deleted millions of accounts in 2014 that were causing spam.

But here is what you need to know.

I used a LinkedIn automation tool, and I got my account blocked because I used it with the wrong approach. I installed it, set up a campaign without limitations, and used the tool to send hundreds and thousands of connection requests with templated notes in a day.

Of course, LinkedIn immediately detected that a tool was working behind, and I lost my account.

In a nutshell, LinkedIn automation is spammy only when you use it with the wrong approach. Many of us believe that these tools can create magic over the night.

Why Is There Even a Need For LinkedIn Automation Tools?

Automation has great benefits for businesses as it helps to reduce time spent on the most basic, repetitive, and boring tasks that don’t even require human assistance. LinkedIn automation tools have also been designed to automate certain tasks to speed up lead generation and sales cycles.

A number of B2B marketers and businesses are successfully using the best LinkedIn automation tools to their benefit. They have been able to speed up their lead generation, find more leads, book more demo calls, and make more sales in a short time using the latest LinkedIn automation tools.

LinkedIn is the largest professional network with more than 760 million+ users. As a B2B marketer who needs to go through thousands of profiles, collect data, send bulk connection requests and personalized messages & follow-ups, it’s quite challenging and time-consuming.

That’s where advanced LinkedIn automation tools take off the burden. They do all these tasks automatically, saving us a lot of time.

Use LinkedIn Automation With a Careful Approach

My final take on this matter:

LinkedIn automation, just like other technologies, is here to make things easier and simpler. However, we need to adopt the right strategy and approach to leverage the potential of LinkedIn.

To keep things safe, I have started using a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool now. They are much safer as they run from the cloud and provide IP addresses to keep login details secure.

Moreover, they run 100% safe campaigns in the back. But again, it all depends on your approach and strategy. Even the best LinkedIn automation tools can’t guarantee success if you try to cross the line



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