LinkedIn Automation Tools — The Best Way to Build a Highly Targeted Prospecting List Using

LinkedIn Automation

Building a highly targeted prospecting funnel is crucial for B2B marketers and salespeople. In order to get a competitive advantage over your competitors, you need to understand whom you are selling to, in other words, who is your target audience.

When you successfully find the right prospects, you’re one step ahead of everyone else in the market. There are many ways of building a highly targeted prospecting list; one of them is the use of the best LinkedIn automation tools.

Why Use LinkedIn Automation Tools to Create a Highly Targeted List of Prospects?

Before we talk about why you should use LinkedIn automation tools to laser-target prospects, it’s important to understand what exactly this is?

Targeted prospecting is using different filters either on LinkedIn or any other latest LinkedIn automation tool to find the right people to send them the right message at the right time.

Now back to the point,

With more than 740 million prospects, LinkedIn has become the largest hub of professionals. That’s a lot of prospects associated with different industries and niches.

Finding your ideal prospects among millions of users is challenging. Sure you can do that manually or use LinkedIn’s basic filter, but it’s not that effective and it might take you a lot of time.

With the best LinkedIn automation tools, you can easily filter out the right prospects using the advanced filters.

You cannot only reach the right prospects but also save a lot of precious time.

How to Do Prospecting the Right Way With LinkedIn Automation Tools?

A common mistake that most of the B2B marketers and salespeople make is that they run campaigns without filtering their target audience. They send connection requests and messages to thousands of random prospects which are not even industry-specific.

In turn, they get a very low or almost zero acceptance and response rate. Thus, for effective lead generation, it is important to laser target the prospects that can be your potential clients in the future.

If you want to run campaigns or do prospecting with safety, read and execute the points below:

1. Target only relevant prospects

Many people think that targeting every prospect that comes into the way will give them outcomes but this is not how it works.

You need to use advanced LinkedIn automation tools to filter out the right audience that might be interested in your product or service.

Targeting the wrong people is just a waste of time.

2. Don’t overdo things

Once you have filtered out a list of the ideal prospects, don’t send thousands of connect requests using top LinkedIn automation tools. LinkedIn will detect your activity and you will face consequences.

Moreover, when they accept requests, don’t bombard them with sales-y messages, or else they will flag your account as spam. When this happens, LinkedIn will take action against you, and your account might get restricted or blocked.

No doubt that LinkedIn automation tools are here to perform these tasks but being over-enthusiastic can only bring harm. No tool or technique will guarantee you 100% safe prospecting if you try to cross the line.

3. Use Personalization

Your prospecting cannot bring any significant outcomes if you don’t combine it with personalization.
Note: 95% of the prospects rejected templated and sales-y messages right away.

Once you have found your ideal prospects using a LinkedIn automation tool, the next step is to engage with them or send them connection requests.

  1. You can use the best LinkedIn automation tools to visit your prospects profiles and when they get notification, they will visit back your profiles. This will help you increase your engagement.
  2. You can use the best LinkedIn automation tools to send connect requests but when you write a connect note, make sure it is personalized and relevant. This is a great way to increase your acceptance rate.

If you want to build a list of qualified leads, the above mentioned points will help you meet your targets easily.

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